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Action Hero Biju (2016) Movie Review

Action Hero Biju is a Malayalam-language police procedural comedy film directed by Abrid Shine and starring Nivin Pauly, Anu Emmanuel, Saiju Kurup, Joju George and others. The film follows the life of Sub Inspector Biju Paulose, an honest and determined police officer who deals with various types of cases and criminals in his jurisdiction. The film was released on 4 February 2016 and was a commercial success. It also won several awards, including the Filmfare Award for Best Actor Malayalam for Nivin Pauly.


Plot Summary

The film revolves around SI Biju Poulose and other officers, who handle a series of different types of complaints and cases, petty and major, that are registered at the police station. One day, Biju receives a call from the hospital informing him of a 12 year-old girl who gets mauled by a dog when she tried to pluck some mangoes from a highly influential businessman Samson Tharakan's house. The eyewitnesses report that the businessman had purposefully let the dog out. Biju sets out to his house to arrest the businessman. However, some local politicians try to use their political power to prevent the case from being registered. Biju tracks the culprit from a club and arrests him.

The next complaint resolved was lodged by a lady who was yet to receive her salary. When Biju tries to mediate a negotiation between the employers and the lady, the employers act callously which enrages Biju. He threatens to shut down their company for registration inaccuracies if the dues are not paid; the employers immediately comply.

Later, Biju encounters a case of a suicide attempt of a woman and the subsequent missing of a Navy personnel who jumps in the sea to rescue the woman and her child. During the subsequent search, he and his subordinates manage to save the woman. The child dies as people who rescued the child from the river assumed that she died and emergency services didn't take her to the hospital on time. This affects Biju emotionally and no clues have been found to locate the missing Navy man.

Through the course of the next few days, he resolves different cases including that of an auto driver who stalks a married woman he loves, bikers without helmet and a drunk who steals a wireless-set from a careless cop Minimon.

Critical Reception

Action Hero Biju received positive reviews from critics and audiences alike. The film was praised for its realistic portrayal of a cop's life, in contrast to the macho appearance seen usually in action movies. Nivin Pauly's performance as Biju was also lauded for his versatility and charisma. The film also had a good soundtrack composed by Jerry Amaldev, Aristo Suresh and Rajesh Murugesan.

Download Link

If you want to watch Action Hero Biju online or download it for free, you can use this link: [Action-Hero-Biju-2016-Malayalam-DVDRip-x264-500MB-ESubs-mkv]. This is a high-quality rip with English subtitles. Enjoy!


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Download Link: [Action-Hero-Biju-2016-Malayalam-DVDRip-x264-500MB-ESubs-mkv](


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